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At present day replica watches have become really wide spread at the international watch market. Although watchmaking brands take proper measures to fight rapid development of the fake watch business, you may come across a great number of replica watches on-line shops; fake watches are displayed in showcases of most respectful boutiques. New watchmaking ideas are ‘stolen’ by special fake watch agents already at Baselworld, so it is not a rare case when a replica of an absolutely new branded timepiece appears on the market before the original one.
The most prestigious watchmaking brands fall prey of fake watches, as this illegal business undermines their prestige and significantly cuts down their profits. On the list of most frequently copied watch brands you will find such famous companies as Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Cartier, Patek Philippe, etc. Simple customers, not experienced in the area, also face a risk of acquiring a long-wished-for Rolex or Omega for a high price,that will finally turn out to be just an imitation.
Watch experts have worked out special strategies to help simple customers avoid an unpleasant situation of becoming an ‘accidental owner’ of a fake watch. There are quite simple rules how to keep oneself away from buying a replica watch in general, as well as additional rules how to distinguish, for example, a fake Rolex watch from an authentic one.
Franck Muller
Vacheron Constantine