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Tuesday, April 24th, 2007
If youre in La La Land, dolls, consider hitting Top Buttons shopping party on Thursday, April 26, at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. Tix include getting your mini spa on while sipping cocktails and browsing vendors pimping Primp, Stila at a steal, designer It bags with slashed prices, and your years subscription to Glamour (as if you werent already so for a lifetime).
Your Ks hitting the party partly just hoping to see you there, and solid gone for vendor Angelo Shoes, wholl be there with my Italiano lovers Giuseppe Zanotti and Sergio Rossi.
Freshly single, itll be nice to see my boys at a dolls night out
Especially as Sergio Rossi shoes stacked wooden heel is oft hard and tall and thick.
Sergio Rossi sandals $605, but up to 60% off at Top Buttons LA shopping party.
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Monday, April 23rd, 2007
In times of financial uncertainty
Time to buy a Manhattan shoebox? Or perhaps the cash is better invested in making more money? Or maybe your K just needs another $7 soy latte?
Gold has always been a solid hedge.
Consider investing in this 24K gold Kansas Lanvin bag
All soft shimmers in a basic, Birkin bagish shape thatd vibe right against your LWD
Theres bound to be some doll wholl pay you back retail, plus, when you pimp the Lanvin bag on eBay.
Metallic Kansas Lanvin bag $2,030 via Barneys
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Sunday, April 22nd, 2007
Mamma Earth, your K knows cotton and linen and hemp have endured centuries of being plucked from being warm and cozy sun-soaked fields, of being tormented and twisted into gorgeous garments for others pure pleasure and profit.
So Ill save a plant on your big day, and rock instead this vintage 60s minky mink.
Tailored tight to highlight my hot hourglass, its a classically luxe coat in espresso black thats really a figurative green
Vintage mink is how girls named Kristopher do recycling.
Vintage 60s mink coat $1,405 via Posh Girl Vintage
[Republished from ThisNexts blog.]
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Friday, April 20th, 2007
Dear Kristopher,
I have my prom coming up, and Im desperately trying to find that one perfect dress: not unflattering, not at all typical, and gorgeous, and hopefully, something that fits in with my budget and stands out in a crowd. Im short, with doll-like features and dark hair. I have an ulterior motive: my ex is going to be at that prom and Id prefer not to appear too drab or too run-down. I admit, I would rather look nonchalantly fabulous, and make sure that when we casually bump into each other Im not going to be the one regretting my choice. Any suggestions?
Your K actually traded her La La Land prom for Puccini the idea of dressing to the nines was tempting, until I realized I could dress to the tens and hit the opera instead.
And while I still have the vintage LBD I rocked, Im wishing Id girled about town in this 24K, 1977 Halston dress.
Pure, iconic S-E-X, though Im afraid you and I both have better things to do with a few Gs.
So invest instead in this brick red, one-shouldered Halston, for few Mr. Benjamins in a timeless cut, the frock will rock right for your big high school night, and grow up with you past prom.
Unlike that silly boy that let you go.

Gold vintage Halston dress (shown) $3,325 via Posh Vintage

Red one-shouldered vintage Halston dress $325 via Vintageous.
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Friday, April 20th, 2007
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Thursday, April 19th, 2007
You blew 101 dollars last weekend at Forty Deuce: the cover to get in despite your lovely lady lumps, the espressotini make that two, one for the boy , and the tucking dollars into the bouncing burlesque babies, egged on by your espressotini and your espressotinied boy.
And while youre hardly hard up, doll, maybe its time to reconsider your outflow of cash.
Espressotinis might be mixed at your flat for p.m. play at home, nights better spent reading, writing, investing in your future, and
Digging the pin-up doll on this Naked Lady Paul Smith iPod case.
Your own private, repeat peep show on sale for $99, introduce one of your Mr. Benjamins to the case so his buddiesll line your pockets longer.
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Tuesday, April 17th, 2007
Designer duds are nice, dolls.
But nothings more luxe than keeping your vision crystal clean, than being able to see unclouded by anyone elses say-so.
Hold this Lucite bangle bracelet up to your eye before you slip it over your wrist: clear like your sight, light like your happiness, solid like your confidence –
Its priced like your energy, a soy latte.
Lucite bangle bracelet $4.80 via Forever 21.
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Monday, April 16th, 2007
Spring is about lightening up, lovelies.
Spring is about ditching any unnecessary weight: any guys and dolls that dont bring you piles of smiles or dollars are deleted from your Blackberry,
any designer duds that dont highlight your hot little body are trashed, and any fat flat or chunky heel that wont make you watch your walk, poise your posture, and straighten your stance so youre closer to kissing the sky gets lost.
And replaced by a heel like these cut-out Jil Sander shoes. Their lime python is green like the eyes of ladies not following your spring clean example, and last seasons heavy wedge is cut out for an awesome arch disinterested in the gravity holding everyone else down.
Cut-out python Jil Sander shoes $680 via Barneys
Republished from ThisNext
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Friday, April 13th, 2007
A very red eye back into La La Land, and your Ks (barely) functioning on her third night of four hours of barely beauty sleep, and third day of three triple soy lattes.
So I slip on a slip of a Miu Miu dress to pad about my pad, to snuggle with my laptop and e-conversate, to force my fingers to fly across my keypad until seven or eight p.m., when Ill slip on skyscraper sandals over tights under my Miu Miu slip to slip out for a date
Ill be sharing soy lattes and toy friend stories with my BFF at Getty.
Miu Miu slip dress $385 via Net-a-Porter
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Wednesday, April 11th, 2007
Im lounging in my second home in New York City
Pick a Starbucks in Manhattan, any Starbucks.
Somehow sitting up straight, fingers flying over my keyboard, building grammatically correct sentences on four hours of sleep, after red eying into JFK and flying two morning meetings in two five-inch platform peeptoes.
Do you ladies being to understand my soy latte fetish?
French kisses,
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Tuesday, April 10th, 2007
After sitting down with your Mr. Numbers to figure how to feed Uncle Sam his yearly four-star dinner on your income
Start with a of stock earnings, topped with a pinch of your interest from CDs, with a main course based around your salary, and dessert could be the cream of your mutual fund you had an itch might have better fit your IRA.
Youre left with some skinny green for spare spending for the next few months, and a reminder to stop using some high-rate plastic money.
So make a meeting with this Juicy Couture silver money clip when youre stripped from that mini filing cabinet of a wallet, youll be carrying only bare bones.
Maybe really bare bones
Juicyll take $75 for this clip.
Republished with permission from
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Monday, April 9th, 2007
Your Ks hosting a shopping party at shoe salon Te Casan in SoHo, on April 11, 7 p.m.-9
And Id love for you to come.
Therell be refreshments, spring drinks, and shoe shopping and 20% of the
nights proceeds benefit charity Dress for Success.
Does it get any better than a four-inch-heeled tax write off?
Check the invite and RSVP info after the jump. I crossing my digits you can make
Air kisses,
Your K
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Friday, April 6th, 2007
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Thursday, April 5th, 2007
Because it didnt take a diamond solitaire for your boy to lock you down.
Just a couple of hard looks, cold blue eyes, and thick integrity.
Because youre not interested in tying your guy down, outside of p.m. play.
You not-so-secretly like playing single and independent more than him.
Gorgeously gift him this cord Gucci ring. Solid sterling, the Gucci ring is pure like his lust for you
Which keeps you as pleasantly knotted up as the Gucci ring.
$365 Cord Gucci ring via Neiman Marcus
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