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There are days when I seriously question my parenting skills! Sometimes it has to do with giving my kids too much attention (aka making their decisions for them) and other times it is not giving them enough. Sometimes I am a great listener and sometimes I wonder what my kids think of me.
The one thing I never want to do is close down the lines of communication with my kids. I want them to feel comfortable talking with me. I want to be able to help them make their own good decisions, by guiding them and giving them the tools and self confidence to think on their own.
Often times my son with mumble something to me and when I ask him to repeat himself, he says, oh nevermind. Afraid that he will mistake my request for a repeat as anything other that what it was – a request because I didnt hear him – I am careful to state, what you have to say is important, I just didnt hear you first and then ask him to say it again.
Rory at Hamelife has quite a few posts on parent/child communication lately. His post called I will never ask for help again is a stunning reminder to us as to why we need to listen to our children and let them know their opinion counts from an early age. Another post – Criticism – How Can Parents Make it Easier for Kids to Swallow is not only applicable to how we give children criticism, but how to communicate those thoughts to our spouses and others.
Another great resource article is from the University of Florida and called Active Listening. It outlines the features of active listening and gives some solid tips on implementing this communication technique. The main points being asking questions, paraphrasing, and empathizing.
Think about how you want your own ideas to be received – Id bet your children feel about the same way.
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I have got stacks and stacks of photos that one of these days I will put together into a scrapbook (or 10) for each of my kids. Hopefully this will occur sometime before their 18th birthday!
As it stands right now, my sons First 5 Years book is full – dutifully filled out and complete with all the details. My middle childs book is done, too. Not as complete as my sons but, it is not bad. And then we have my baby. She is officially five and I havent opened her book in at least two years! Bad Mommy!
For those of you who are better about preserving those childhood memories in an organized, creative fashion, I have two links to share with you.
1. Printables4Scrapbooking – this is a very cool site made with love by my pal Randa. The printables are original and very nicely presented. She is a designer with a flair for capturing the details in her creations.
2. Scrapbooking Fun the American Girl way. American Girl has got some really nice printables at their site – perfect for the kids, whether they are making a scrapbook of their dolls or one of their friends.
Do you have any good tips for making that stack of photos easier to go through and organize? I have to start somewhere!
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